Terms of Sale



Article 1. Services 

Lash & You offers a high standard of beauty services. I

We offer the beauty services:

  • Eyelashes extension

  • Eyelash removal

  • Make-up

We are graduate in Hairdressing and Make-up Artist.


Free of charge :

  1. Seven days after the eyelash extension service we will provide a free repair for the half of the amount of the lashes that has been removed.

  2. if any irritation occur after the third day of eyelash extension process we do give the free removal.


Article 2. Customers



Article 3. Details on delivered services



Article 4. Booking conditions and confirmation of the customers.



A booking for a services can only be confirmed once all the following conditions have been met:

  • By messenger : We will confirm the booking after you have accepted the terms of sale.

  • By phone message : We will confirm the booking after you have accepted the terms of sale.

  • Verbally : We will confirm the booking after you have accepted the terms of sale.

 Upon receiving the deposit in account in BPI.


  • The participant’s insurance policy should imperatively provide that in the occurrence of any event (sickness, accident…) requiring medical treatment, dental care, surgery on land, or medical repatriation to the patient’s home country, the insurance company will cover the cost of these treatments, the expenses linked to the means of transportation (boat, helicopter etc…) needed to collect the participant on the location of the cruise boat, as well as the cost of eventually returning the participant to the cruise boat in the event of a one-off treatment.

Article 6. Pricing information and payment schedule

The price list is available on the BlueXperience website and is subject to change without notice by BlueXperience management.

As previously mentioned, a 30% deposit of the final price (including tax) is required upon booking.f

The final balance must be settled at least 30 days before the start of the trip.

Businesses et groups :

Special terms and conditions are available for businesses and groups. Contact BlueXperience for more informations.


Article 7. Cancellation conditions

For free


Article 8. Lash & You bank details

Bank details will be given if you want to do a deposit for booking a service.

Article 9. Legal provisions

  • The customer will be ask to read and sign the agreement before the process.

  • The customer is aware that Lash & You is home services brand for those who wants to be more beautiful. The customer is solely responsible to take care of the eyelashes and the make-up and follow what is adviced provide by Lash & You.

  • Lash & you is a registered and protected trademark. The contract does not concede any right to the customers to use or reproduce the Lash & You name or image.

  • The customer give personal informations such as name, surname, phone number, email address etc… (see “Personal information”). The customer has the right to rectify or erase of these personal details. The customer may refuse any kind of exchange of information or other kind of processing of personal data. To exercise this right, the customer can contact by post at Lash & You law immatricualtion in Cebu under the number XXXXXXXX - Marigondon 6015 Mactan, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines

  • These current terms and conditions and the contract are subject to Philippins law. The Cebu tribunals have territorial jurisdiction in case of legal dispute of any nature, emerging from the contract between the customer and Lash & You, after a failed 30 day attempt to find an amicable settlement.